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Our poker software boasts the most powerful poker training package available. Poker Academy Pro is no game - it is carefully crafted software designed to improve your Hold'em game and make you money at the tables.

Poker Academy Pro is packed with an abundance of features and tools including a hand evaluator, in-game advisor, advance statistics, showdown calculator, tournament clock, and online play.

So try a fully featured demo of our product and see what it can do for your game.
"If you want to be a shark and not a fish, Poker Academy is the product for you."
Scott Fischman
Two Time WSOP Champion
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Poker Academy Pro is the most advanced training tool available.

Try our demo and be assured that for $85, this investment will pay for itself many times over.

Simulate Game Structures & Model Opponents

Zip mode enables the game to be played lightning fast so you can get to your next hand. Choose from a variety of ring games and tournament structures. By playing over 200 hands an hour - you can skip over the dead time waiting for a playable hand and instead work on all aspects of your game.
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Learn to Play Better Poker

The in-game advisor states action frequencies to help you hone your game. You can even customize the advisor to learn a different style and experiment with a variety of poker images. Poker Academy Pro also features tools such as the Hand Evaluator Sidebar, to determine pot odds and hand potentials. Other tools include the Showdown Calculator, Hand Evaluator Tool, and a Poker Tutorial - all designed to aid in your Hold'em development.
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Find Leaks using In-Depth Analysis Tools

Many aspects affect the bottom line - our poker software allows you to determine which parts were a result of bad luck, bad timing, or bad playing. Poker Academy Pro boasts a powerful stats package to aid you in all aspects of this analysis, whether you check too much on the flop, or play too much from under the gun, our software will help you find that leak.
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Refine your game with Advanced Poker Drills

Elevate your game to new heights using the most advanced features in any poker software. Dealer options allow you to stack the deck to work on the holes in your game. Work on mid-pocket pairs by repeatedly dealing yourself pocket 7's and learn when to fold and when to push.
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