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Poker Odds Calculator - Google Desktop Gadget

Keeping with Poker Academy's misssion to provide new and innovative ways to improve everyone's poker experience, the Poker Calculator, for Google Desktop, provides a way to quickly and easily calculate poker odds. Simply select your hand and up to 9 opponent starting hands, optional board cards and click "Calculate" to view how each hand stacks up. Results can be viewed through the main view, as shown below, or in a table view to quickly compare all hands.

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Google Desktop is required to run the Poker Odds Calculator

Hand Evaluator - Poker Academy Pro 2

Poker Academy Pro 2 is being heralded as the ultimate poker training software, allowing poker enthusiasts everywhere to sit down and take on the best poker artificial intelligence in the world. The strength of Poker Academy Pro 2's features is highlighted by its Hand Evaluator. Whether you're practicing for an upcoming tournament or just playing against friends, through Poker Academy Online, the Hand Evaluator with its wealth of poker odds calculations, will quickly become your right hand man. As shown below, this tool allows you to see the strength of your hand versus 1-9 opponents, view your odds of drawing to a certain hand, see the probability that your opponent holds a certain hand, and is also customizable in order to take into account different opponent playing styles.

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