Man vs Machine – Polaris vs Laak and Eslami

Meet Polaris

The patience of a monk or the fierce aggression of a tiger, changing gears in a single heartbeat. Polaris can make a pro's head spin. Bluff, trap, check-raise bluff, big lay-down -- name your poison.

Poker Academy is proud to be powering the first of its kind $50,000 match pitting the University of Alberta's newest generation poker bot, Polaris, against Phil 'The Unabomber' Laak and Ali Eslami.

All hand histories are available and can be plugged in to Poker Academy Prospector for in-depth analysis.

Polaris is now available for anyone to play on Poker Academy Online. Download Poker Academy Pro Demo to access Poker Academy Online.

Check out the 2008 Man Machine Competition which pits Polaris II against some of the world's best online poker players.

How It Works

  • The game for the event will be two-player Limit Texas Hold'em.
  • A team of two humans will play against a team of two computer programs (both being copies of the Polaris poker technology).
  • Teammates will play the same series of hands, but from opposite sides (one North, the other South) to reduce the element of luck to a minimum.
  • No communication between teammates is permitted during play.
  • All players (bot and human) will connect to an independent poker server run by Poker Academy, which will administer the parallel games.
  • Each series of cards will be generated randomly, based on a combination of independent seeds provided by the human team, representatives of the bot team, the match arbiter, and the match administrators (no single entity determines the cards to be dealt).
  • There will be four duplicate sessions of 500 hands each, played over two days (two sessions per day).
  • The human team will receive an additional $5,000 for each session that is won by more than +25 small bets (+0.05 sb/h).
  • The human team will receive an additional $2,500 for each session that is won or lost by +25 small bets or less (a statistical tie).
  • All hands played will be made publicly available after the completion of the event.